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Blocker brake system

Blocker brake system
Our unique Blocker brake system on the Roxx - the NEW original - takes account of the intuitive actions of people. It protects people who can still get up themselves but who sometimes forget to put on the brake on their wheelchair. The Blocker brake system automatically blocks the wheelchair when the user gets up. This can reduce the number of falls or even prevent them. Life & Mobility thinks about everyone.

  • Brakes block automatically when the user gets up
  • Fewer falls
  • Safe, with no fixation to wheelchair
  • Dutch Design Award 2013
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The Blocker brake system in brief

  • Is built onto the Roxx - The NEW Original alongside the standard band brake
  • Operates fully mechanically
  • Is fitted in the lower tube of the frame and can also be built on later
  • Helps fixation-free care
  • Is very reliable and user-friendly
  • Is supplied with lock release handle as an option, to be fitted on the push handle