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Evo Lectus Low Rider

Evo Lectus Low Rider, doing what is important for you. 
Developed with the end user’s needs in mind taking into account the needs of everyone involved, such as the user’s family, the care professional and the service mechanic. With its modern design the Evo Lectus Low Rider is a high-end electric wheelchair. Has extensive connection options for taking control of the environment. The biomechanical leg and arm supports make it easy for the user to make transfers. The Evo Lectus Low Rider is characterised by the combination of mobility with power and individual seat support.

  • Customised seat and recline support
  • Manoeuvrable at home and in the office
  • Extensive control options
  • Comfortable and safe on the road
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Modern design
Abbr. Measurement points Specifications
SW Seat width 42 - 62 cm
SD Seat depth 37,5 - 57,5 cm
SH Min. seat height (including cushion) 41,5 cm
TH Total height 111 cm
TL Total length 98,5 cm
TW Total width 61,5 cm
Seat angle reach 15º (standard) 30º / 50º, electric
Seat lift 40 cm, electric
Back angle reach 180º, electric
Recline position 180º, electric
Leg rest adjustment 180º, electric
Leg length adjustment range 25 to 60 cm
Maximum speed 6 km/h, 10 km/h, 12,5 km/h
Action radius 30 – 45 km
Batteries 2 x 70Ah / 85Ah (optional)
Total weight (including batteries) 185 kg
Maximum user weight 140 kg
Turning radius
Front wheels diameter 14”
Rear wheels diameter 8”
Complies with ISO 7176-19 & ISO 10542-2012
Drive FWD
Seating system Lectus
Controls R-Net
Motor capacity 2 x 300W (4-P)
Crash test safe Yes
Hood colour White / Orange / Silver

Customised seat and recline support

  • can be quickly and easily adapted to the changing needs of users
  • always the required sitting and recline position
  • can go from sitting to full recline position without transfer needed
  • seat elevator has a high range for participation and independence

Manoeuvrable at home and in the office

  • small turning radius and front wheel drive
  • controls swing-away to fit under table

Extensive control options

  • high-end controls

Comfortable and safe on the road

  • independent suspension
  • holds its course thanks to built-in gyroscope
  • manoeuvrable and powerful on slopes and over obstacles
  • stable due to centre of gravity correction during seat tilt

Reliable and easy to maintain

  • reliable, proven high-quality parts
  • service-sensitive parts easy to access

Modern design

  • efficient design in 3 standard colours
  • LED lighting
  • IF Award for design