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Manually operated and electrically controllable wheelchair in one
The @Ease power assist means the Canto Nxt self-rider is a manually operated and electrically controllable wheelchair in one. A solution for clients with reduced strength in their arms or decreased endurance who are limited in their ability to operate the wheelchair with the hoop or are unable to do so at all. The user activates the electric drive using a simple joystick control. The companion control option supports the wheelchair companion.

  • @Ease can be supplied on the Roxx and Canto Nxt self-rider
  • Easy to assembly using the Quick Release axle
  • Auxiliary drive with support for both the wheelchair user and the companion
  • Can be adjusted for one-handed operation by the user
  • Crash test-safe
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Measurement points Specifications
Applicability Roxx / Canto nxt self-drive
Total length n/a
Total width +4cm
Seat width No restrictions, so 37-57 cm
Seat depth No restrictions, so 42-52 cm
Seat height (incl. cushion) No restriction
Backrest angle adjustment n/a
Seat angle adjustment Canto Nxt
Adjustable seat height n/a
Maximum speed* 6 km/h
(5 km/h in the event of accompanying controls)
Action radius 15 km
Batteries Ni-MH 24V 6.7ah
Charger 100-240V
Charging time 2-3 hours
Total weight 6.4 kg per wheel
Total weight @Ease 16 kg
Maximum user weight 110 kg (Heavy Duty 130 kg)
Turning radius n/a
Wheel diameter options 20” / 22” / 24” / 26”
Carer support Yes
User support Yes
Controls Joystick or pushing by user
Assistant controls
Single-handed powering possible YesYes
Complies with NEN-EN 12182 / NEN-EN 12183
Crash test safe Yes
Further: Programmable drive settings
Three driving profiles
Battery indicator

* maximum speed depends on the wheel size of the wheelchair being used


@Ease in brief

Electrical support and push support

  • Easy support with joystick control for the user and/or push support for the companion
  • Acceleration, sensitivity, speed and manoeuvrability can be fully individually programmed

Wide range of options and user-friendly

  • Can be pushed by companion with and without @Ease push support
  • The user can activate the @Ease and can so choose easily between manual operation (hoops) and electrical operation (joystick control)
  • Easy to assembly with click & go using the Quick Release axle

Universally applicable

  • @Ease can be applied on the Roxx and Canto Nxt self-rider

On the road

  • Removable battery
  • Integrated engines in rear wheels
  • Operating range up to 15 km
  • Adjustable speed 0-6 km/h (0-5 km/h when operated by companion)

Guaranteed quality and safety