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Vivo, the demountable travel scooter with excellent suspension
Embrace the freedom offered by the Vivo. The Vivo is easy to disassemble so you can take it with you wherever you go. Its very small turning radius makes the Vivo easy to manoeuvre, while its wide tyres give it an extremely high degree of stability and comfort. Its rear suspension provides unique comfort and, with an operating range of 28 km, you can leave home without any worries. Vivo, the little scooter that expands your world!

  • Highly manoeuvrable with a small turning radius
  • Easy to disassemble so you can take it with you wherever you go
  • Comfortable and stable thanks to contour following front axle, wide air tyres and suspension on the rear axle
  • Available in High-gloss black, silver grey, royal blue
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Abbr. Measurement points Specifications
HS Height scooter 92 cm
LS Length scooter 108 cm
WS Width scooter 58 cm
HF Height footplate in relation to the floor 9 cm
SW Seat width 46 cm
SD Seat depth 45 cm
SH Seat height in relation to plate (adjustable) 40 / 42,5 / 45 / 47,5 cm
Maximum speed 8 km/h
Action radius 28 km*
Battery 24V/22 Ah
Charger 3A/24V
Total weight (including batteries) 63 kg
Weight seat element 10,5 kg
Weight battery box 15 kg
Weight frame part front 20.5 kg
Weight frame part rear 16.5 kg
Maximum load bearing capacity 120 kg
Turn radius 118 cm
Maximum gradient 6˚ (10,5%)
Engine power 300W
Wheel size 24 x 7,5 cm
Complies with EN 12184 category A

* Depending on the set speed, outside temperature, weight of user, tyre tension etc.