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The INDEGO suspension system

INDEGO, a suspension system that copes smoothly with unevenness on your route!
Our mobility scooters Solo, Mezzo and Primo are equipped with the comfortable INDEGO suspension system. The human body doesn't take sideways stress well. Our spine is able to move forward and backward; however, sideways movements are a lot less supple, resulting in an unpleasant feeling during shocks. In order to reduce the load on the body during sideways movements to a minimum, the Solo, Mezzo and Primo by Life & Mobility have been equipped with the unique, patented INDEGO suspension system. This suspension system copes smoothly with any unevenness on your route!

Comfortably on your way
The INDEGO suspension system is based on rubber. This has an immediate cushioning effect, irrespective of the load exerted by the user. After all, with rubber there is no initial force to be overcome, which would be the case with spring suspension. So, excellent comfort!

Choice of suspension
Our Solo is among the top class of mobility scooters. Solo's INDEGO adaptive suspension system can be set to sportive (Active), comfortable (Comfort), or extra cushioning (Xtra). As a result, this mobility scooter is especially suitable for people with painful conditions, such as back pain or rheumatism.

  • The wheels are suspended independently from the frame
  • The INDEGO suspension system is based on rubber
  • The Solo, Mezzo and Primo are equipped with the INDEGO suspension system
  • For the Solo you can choose between three suspension levels
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