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Presto S

Presto S, slightly quicker

Do you enjoy getting up a little more speed when you are out and about? The Presto S, the sportier and faster version of the Presto, takes that in its stride. Thanks to its tight turning circle and powerful motor, you can drive nimbly and quickly through the city or over obstacles.

The Presto S is equipped with unique daytime running lights that increase your visibility in traffic. Rubber bumpers all round and ample room for your feet mean you will be relaxed when you arrive at your destination. Its sleek design with a matt and gloss black finish will certainly turn heads!

  • Adjustable speed up to 17 km/h.
  • Directional headlight with LED bulbs for better vision when cornering.
  • The indicators feature daytime running lights that increase your visibility in traffic.
  • The control buttons can be identified by touch and are positioned within thumb’s reach.
  • Ergonomic design means generous leg and foot room.
  • The indicators switch off automatically after a bend.
  • Rubber bumpers all round.
Abbreviation Measurement points Specifications
HS Height scooter 132 cm
LS Length scooter 138 cm
WS Width scooter 65 cm
SW Seat width 51 cm
SD Seat depth 44 cm
SH Seat height in relation to plate 47 / 49,5 / 52 / 54,5 cm
HF Height footplate 19 cm
Maximum speed 17 kmh
Action radius 29 / 35 / 44km*
Battery 50 / 60 / 73Ah
Charger 6A 24V / 8A 24V
Total weight (excl. batteries) 90 kg
Maximum load bearing capacity 160 kg
Turn radius 160 cm
Maximum gradient 10°
Maximum obstacle height 10 cm
Complies with EN 12184 Klasse C

* Depending on the set speed, outside temperature, weight of user, tyre tension etc.