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Discover the new Vivo: 2021 edition

You can order the new Vivo today. We’ve kept all the excellent features of the previous Vivo, but thanks to the upgrade the Vivo 2021 edition is visibly more elegant, safer and even more comfortable.


Visibly elegant

The Vivo 2021 edition comes as standard in stylish high-gloss black. This new colour, the sleeker design and the new flexible plastic basket make the Vivo visibly more elegant. Delivery in white, grey or blue is still optional, of course.

THF_0108Visibly safe

The Vivo 2021 edition can be fitted with an optional LED lighting kit. With 6 hours of usage time, 4 lighting modes and visibility from 450 metres, the Vivo is even more visible. Even when it’s raining, because the lamps are IPX4 waterproof.

THF_0110Visibly comfortable

The new seat with firm pre-shaped armrests makes the Vivo visibly comfortable. The handlebars have a lock with a flat and therefore handy magnetic key. The redesign ensures that the magnets are properly secured.

View all the product information about the Vivo 2021 edition here!

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