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Kelvin seat support system

It is a solution for those who are no longer able to sit in a wheelchair and would otherwise have to remain in bed. Consider for example users with severe pain symptoms, fatigue, increased muscular tension or contracture.

Advantages of the Kelvin:

  • The Kelvin seating element is filled with springy, pressure-distributing latex granulate filling. The granules ensure optimal contouring and support for the body.
  • Support can be adjusted for each user using the various arm, leg and head support settings.
  • The backrest part of the canvas base is now fitted with a zip which can be used to add the new optional support cushions to the seating element. This allows suitable individual support to be provided while the user is sitting in the chair.
  • The optional back corner cushion can be placed in the lowest corner of the canvas base. This provides extra support for users who require support with a larger backrest angle.
  • Thanks to the low sitting level, transfers can be made easily. The sitting height allows users to sit around a table with others or to go outdoors without sacrificing comfort and while maintaining proper support.

Canto Nxt
The modular Kelvin seating element can easily be mounted on the Canto Nxt. When combined with the tilting Canto Nxt, it is possible to change the seating position according to requirements.