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An active or semi-active wheelchair user wants a foldable chair with excellent riding capabilities, where sitting comfortably goes without saying. The Mixx, with its seat comfort that can be further personalised with the Matrixx seating system, offers the total package. With a design that does away with all preconceptions about wheelchairs.


In brief

  • Modern/distinctive design
  • Light lifting weight
  • Easy to fold and take with you
  • Standard with pedal bar and handles that can be adjusted in height
  • Adjustable wheel base
  • High level of sitting comfort
  • Adjustable seat depth, seat height, seat angle and back angle
  • Extensive seat support with the Matrixx seating system
  • Matrixx seating parts able to be switched out with other Life & Mobility chairs
  • Quick-release rear wheels
  • Available in Midnight blue
  • Various options and accessories such as headrest, table top, cane holder, spoke protectors, posture belt
  • Crash test-safe; approved for transport in taxi or minibus